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My production begins with an encounter with objects, spaces, and words. I accept all the colors, materials, uses, preconceptions and images, and gather the materials – used to be something, that reflect someone's thoughts and ideas, that have traveled through time and places, such as ornaments, everyday items, and toys around us – and bring them together, reconstructing them with care for the emotions I encounter, and creating a dialogue with the objects and spaces, bringing new meanings to them. 

The technique is assemblage. Without coloring (painting), the colors, characteristics and beauty of each object are extracted and reconstructed by arranging them in a way that expresses the power of colors and the spatial expression of the objects gathered by the colors. Color and objects, colors and the world, objects, and the world. In exploring these relationships, I discover the value of the thing and discover new values and perspectives. I also look for intensity and delicate, modest expressions as a sculptural mass. Searching for and collecting materials is also the most important act in my work, and I have been working on a monotone series since around 2010, in which I collect and combine materials in the same colors. What I gather differs depending on the land, country, and age. 

I live and change, and the works I encounter also change. I always want to know the essence of various things, which is not based on common sense, images, or preconceptions, but on seeing and knowing for myself, accepting what is in front of me, and then aiming to create works that will inspire me to find new perspectives and values.


                                   January 2024


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